3 Things Church Leaders Can Be Thankful For In 2020

By Artur MacLellan

No doubt. 2020 has been difficult. It feels like the world has turned upside down and we are struggling to find our equilibrium. In-person meetings have been strongly discouraged as the world fights against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Seems crazy I know, but this is the perfect time to reflect on a few things we can be thankful for today as church leaders. 

1. The ability To Livestream

I remember the week when things all around the country started shutting down. It was scary, and what people thought would be only 2 to 3 weeks turned into months. 20 years ago, the ability to livestream Sunday morning service was unheard of. From the basic set up (your phone and Facebook) to more advanced set ups (multiple PTZ cameras and the latest in decoders, switchers, audio mixing and presentation software) the ability to livestream services has been essential for Churches all over the country. Without the ability to livestream, many churches could not continue to meet for worship and the Gospel message would have been dramatically curtailed.  

2. The availability of social media

While there have been many negatives associated with social media in general and being connected all the time on various platforms, social media is here to stay, and the pandemic has forced many churches to be more intentional when it comes to social media platforms. It has allowed churches to engage with their members in ways that are more immediate as well as both culturally and demographically appropriate.  I’ve seen churches doing livestreams weekly to encourage their members, or livestreaming worship on Wednesday nights. These things keep members connected and have the potential to reach new people. Many churches have shifted their focus from just promoting events on social media to creating content or setting up environments that communicates care rather than promoting their “identity”. People are desperate for care and community right now and will be appreciative of this connection. Thank God for giving us the ability to communicate love and concern through social media.

3. The accessibility of Zoom And/or facetime

Community groups, small groups, life groups, whatever they may be called in your church – they are the heartbeat of ministry. It’s where community, relationships, love and accountability happen. What would have been unthinkable even 10 years ago in our society, software like zoom or facetime have made it possible to connect without being physically together in a room. The impact of this software is felt in the family as well as people reach out with their loved ones that they cannot be with in person. What a great model for us as a church. Prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and community do not have to stop. Thank God for giving us the ability to connect over the internet.

“People are desperate for care and community right now and will be appreciative of this connection.” 

It’s important to pause and reflect on the goodness of God. Now I have no doubt that the Church would have prevailed if we didn’t have these things, however, these three things have been essential to connecting the church body. So, take a moment now, pray and give thanks to the Lord. He is with you and for you. We’d love to know what you are thankful for as a pastor this year! Let us know in the comments below!

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