6 Relatively "New" Critical components of church ministry - Part 2

By Artur MacLellan

Last week we covered the first three critical components to Church Ministry: Website Development and Maintenance, Online Giving, and Live streaming. This week we will be covering the second three components:

4. Social Media

Facebook has an average of 2.45 billion active users each month. Instagram has an average of 1 billion active users each month. These aren’t just statistics. Each number is a person. It is crucial to leverage social media for the kingdom. Quality and quantity are two essentials when it comes to being effective on social media. Engaging posts with high quality design and relevant CTA’s (call to actions) are essential for optimizing social media’s effectiveness. Of course, that is difficult to do without the manpower and time to execute it. Reach out to one of our social media strategists for help to boost your social media presence.

5. “Virtual” Communication:

Emails, text messages, and weekly newsletters have become one of your main points of contact with your church members. But how do you break through 100’s of emails that your members receive on a daily basis? Similar to social media, great content needs to be met with high quality design. Your emails and newsletters should be more than just information. I would put myself in the shoes of a member and ask, “Why would I read this?” and “What do I get out of receiving this email?” Most folks can block out the noise of emails, texts, and weekly newsletters. Need help with designing fresh email templates? We can get you connected to a specialist on Church Freelance.

6. Visual Arts:

Graphics, video, and invite cards. Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture
says a 1000 words?” More so than ever, quality graphics and video are
essential. Because of the influx of high-quality designs and video that people
see every day as they scroll through their news feed, low quality can get in the
way of the message that you are trying to portray. Church branding and consistency is more important than ever. And, in many cases, templates can’t solve everything. That’s where hiring someone to edit your videos and graphics could be essential. Hiring a freelancer affords you the ability to get specialized projects completed when you want them.

Low quality images can get in the way of the message that you are trying to portray.

This week we’ve covered the second three of the six relatively new critical components to Church Ministry. If you haven’t reviewed the first 3 components you can check out last weeks post here: Part 1

This is a ton of stuff to keep up with. With every one of these components comes the reality that you will have to become a specialist at it. These first three critical components can become very time consuming as you learn how to optimize each one. That’s why we’ve created Church Freelance. It’s a freelance marketplace designed to serve you and your churches needs.

Ministry today can be very difficult. Keeping track of social media engagement, email newsletters, church management software’s, video and graphics is a lot to keep up with. Learn about 5 essential moments where hiring a freelancer could accelerate your ministry.

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